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Tatoo: A Contemporary and Ever Evolving Art Form

Tatoo or Tattoo. No matter how you spell the word it still shouts art in all it’s glory. From simple letters, numbers and symbols through to ornate 3d tatoos that test the eye creating illusion and beauty the humble tatoo continues to evolve with the ever changing world we live in.

Tatoos are common in contemporary society. You can hardly turn a corner on any street without at first meeting a person with a tattoo. The increasing popularity of tatoos has made a lot of people wonder about its benefits as well as its disadvantages. Skeptics are quick to dismiss tattoos as unnecessary, evil and even retarded.

Chopper TattooHowever, this unjustifiable condemnation of tatoos is due to a general lack of understanding. Most people do not understand the historical nature or cultural heritage of this artform. They therefore do not see how tattoos not only benefit the person adorning them but also benefit the entire community as well. It is therefore important for us to understand tattoos.

A Tatoo as an Art

A tattoo is an art. It comes from the word ‘tatau’. This Polynesian word means ‘to mark’. A tattoo is an embedded design of a specific concept, idea or object on a person’s skin. In other words, it is a permanent form of art drawn on a person for aesthetic or personal reasons or both. this art form functions more or less like an art gallery. It is an expression of the skills of the artist and an affirmation of the passion and desire of the person getting the tattoo.

Tatoos are nothing new. They are not the mark of a ‘new and lost generation’ as constantly stated by most conservatives. The skin art forms have in fact symbolized the spiritual, intellectual and social advancement of both individuals and societies. Tatoos go as far back as the Neolithic times in Europe, Paleolithic times in Japan and Ancient Egypt in Africa. Kings and mighty rulers adorned tattoos on their bodies so show off your tattoos with pride.

The Importance of Tatoos as an Art in Contemporary Society

Tatoos are your personal mark of identity in this continuously globalizing world. They can be a statement about who you are, where you have been and where you are planning to go. Such tattoos are usually tattoos of words, animals and/or symbols that represent something important in your lie. They are as much of an art as a painting by Picasso. This is because they represent both the skill of the artist, the society we live in and the persona of the one who has paid for the work of art.

The Tatoo is an important part of our aesthetic world. They are walking symbols of beauty on the skin of people ready and willing to display art on their bodies. Much care and work goes in creating tatoos. It is a deliberately tedious and painstaking process. It requires much thought, ingenuity and consultation. It is therefore a work of art. It is indeed a mark of beauty that lives on for as long as the person adorning it breathes.

Even today’s makeup artists are forfeiting traditional makeup techniques and opting for skin art. Tatoo eyebrows, lips and eyeliners are increasing becoming popular. These tattoos will completely revolutionize the cosmetic industry around the world.

The practice of this art form has also advanced over the years. There are now numerous legislative frameworks governing the entire tattoo industry. Nowadays, tatoo studios are licensed, they must be hygienic at all times and they normally operate with state of the art tattooing equipment. You have nothing to fear. Get a tattoo. Experience this wonderful and ever evolving art form.