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One of the most important trends in tattoo designs is going to be word, literary and written tattoos of well-liked and cool quotes or witticisms. There are numerous different names for these fashions of tattoos but necessary all of them feature one major growing trend in tattoo designs and that’s the trend of the printed word.

Word Tattoo History
Of course word tattoos have always been around. A tattoo that features some printing design is sometimes more cost effective and pretty simply done and therefore it has always been a quite popular option. But words were generally used as an elaboration to the main course so to speak. To explain (pun intended) the graphic design of the tattoo design always took the center stage in the past. The only true exception to this rule was a commemorative or gang related design. Other than those 2 customarily the words were simply to convey the meaning of the picture or the design of the tattoo and the words were never actually regarded as the design itself.

As in everything in the world design trends change all of the time. So it is with word and literary tattoo designs they have gone thru a great change. No longer are words just seen at the bottom of a huge graphical tattoo design but now they’re the primary feature. These tattoos frequently feature very big sections of writing and massive fonts with massive cursive lines and beautiful embellishments. These are phenomenal beautiful font tattoos that often feature a very famous quote, a famous poem or a song lyric.

Favored Locations For Women
This trend has been picked up by males and females alike. Just as many girls are getting their tattoo quotes as men. Some of the more favored locations for women to get such designs are slightly different than men.

Ankle Tattoo Designs – Since the ankle is comparatively tiny it does not provide a bunch of space for a large format tattoo. Thus it frequently becomes on of the top chosen places for a little written word. These are sometimes lovable delicate tattoos with masses of embellished fonts that can wrap around the ankle.

Wrist Tattoo Designs – Wrist tattoos are a lot like ankle tattoos apropos features and benefits of the location. Just like ankle tattoos the wrist is tiny, regularly a great place for a single word that curves around the wrist. Also hands and wrist are a feature that frequently get noticed so a well planned and well placed wrist tattoo will get a lot of attention.

Hip Tattoos – Hip tattoos are well (excuse the pun) but hip. Anything except on the hip is favored and horny. This most definitely contains a fancy written tattoo design. If you choose a larger quote or poem and can find the right font to convey the meaning of the poem or saying then you have one great hip tattoo design.

Rib Cage Tattoos – Naturally rib cage tattoos can be in a variety of locations but the side of the chest is among the hottest locations now in design trends. Historically folks were a bit reluctant to get this area tattoo as it could be a bit distressing since the skin and bone are close together. Nonetheless more and more folks are getting rib cage tattoo design these days and a lot of them feature a quote, exclaiming or word tattoo.

Preferred Locations For Men

Shoulder Tattoos – The shoulder has been a favored location for having a tattoo design for men for a long period of time. It’s not excruciating as there’s a lot of tissue between the skin and the muscle and it is rather little. This makes a great location for a small pronouncing or quote tattoo design.

Higher Back Tattoo Designs – The upper back is another excellent choice and location for an enormous word tattoo design. Since the back is huge it provides a giant canvas for the tattoo artist to work on. The bigger the size the more detail they can add into the tattoo design.

Side Tattoo – The chest and side is a very popular area nowadays to get a tattoo design inked. It offers a pretty big area to work on so the design could be a lore more complicated and full of detail. Some of the most popular selections for this area for blokes are quotes, song words and obviously ambigram tattoo designs.

Forearm Tattoo – If you’ve been consider a location that’s different, unique and ultra cool you may want to think about getting your literary tattoo design done on your forearm. This shape and size of most forearms are largely rectangular which can be adapted to huge word designs that are big and bold.

These are just some of the more favored locations you can get an old chestnut or word tattoo done on your body. It is not a complete list of locations nevertheless it shows some of the most well liked options. If you are still considering getting a word, asserting or quote tattoo ensure you take the time and research thoroughly. You would like to find the right quote and equally as important you need to find the best font to ink the design.


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