Japanese Tattoo Over Scars – Turning Scars Into Art

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Scars are occasionally an inescapable part of life. These permanent marks on the skin can be a memory-jogger of something tragic which happened in life. They might have been due to an accident, a major surgery, or another event that was life altering. Japanese tattooing over scars alongside other tattoo designs has provided folks a technique to handle their scars.

Whatever the choice might be there are a few things to understand about before trying to cover a scar with a tattoo depicting any type. The chance is small, unless the wound is fresh and gets infected.

The area being tattooed can’t be freshly scarred for two further reasons. The first reason should be clear; it will be a tender area for quite some time. Make sure the scar is at least a year old before visiting a tattoo artist.

If the scar is an extremely slim layer of skin over a delicate area, a doctor might tell the patient not to have the scar tattooed. It’s an excellent idea to listen to the doctor’s advice on this one. There may be another medically-based reason behind the doctor’s hesitancy in okaying the administering of a tattoo on top of a particular scarred area, so don’t go against what this medical professional recommends.

Lighter coloured ones will cause the tattoo ink to appear faded and often will need touch-ups more frequently. A dark scar will do just the opposite.

The skin on a scar also has a smoother texture, so it might still show up if covered with a monochromatic design or one with very little movement. Tattoos with masses of swirls, colours, and details appear to cover the difficulty far better than dark tribal tattoos of a single colour.

People generally have reasons for covering the areas with tattoos. They are either making an attempt to cover the scar from others or make a statement. As an example, cancer patients might cover them where surgery was performed because they are proud to be a survivor. Many are endeavouring to turn something negative into something positive.

Japanese tattooing over scars or applying any other type of design over a scarred area of the skin might be a really bad idea if you’re only doing it because somebody else would like you to. You should make the ultimate choice, since you’ll be the one living alongside it the remainder of your life.

You can now turn a scar into art with Japanese tattoos! Check out our site to learn all there is to know about Japanese tattooing over scars.


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