Does Tattooing Hurt? – The Eternal Dilemma of the First Timer

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Imagine getting your first tattoo, whether it be a tattoo in 2D or a tattoo 3D. What will be going through your mind when you finally pluck up the courage to get inked for the very first time? You have put aside your fears, possibly with the help and support of friends and family, and accepted the associated needles and pain as part of the deal. You sit in the chair and all of your doubts flood back. You reflect on the answers of the people you confided in when you posed the question “Does it hurt?”

Will Getting A Tattoo Hurt

Whether it hurts or not or how much it hurts really does depend on the individual’s threshold of pain.
When it comes to ‘hurt’ how much is too much?

You are brave enough to carry on and the Tattooist commences his/her craft.

Now! One would think that once the piece of tattooed art has been started that eventually a completed masterpiece would be available for all to see BUT! Some baulk after commencement and some artworks remain unfinished.

The Jury is out on the level of pain that one must endure. It is totally reliant often the individual and often their emotional disposition at the time of inking.
The beauty of the end result, the prestige of the finished masterpiece and the overall desire to be different all play their part in the process of getting that very first tattoo.

“Did it hurt much” probably becomes a non issue after the fact.

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