Cost of Tattoos – Are they expensive

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Cost of Tattoos – 6 Main Pre-requisites

Getting that all important tattoo anywhere on your body may look good but what is the cost of tattoos?

Some tattooists charge by the hour and some calculate the cost based on the finished product. Therefore, it is very important to check this with the artist before committing to the inking. There is also a lot of great content in tattoo magazines and they are an excellent resource for you when searching for that ultimate design and artist.

The popularity of the tattoo artists also has a bearing on cost as I am sure you can appreciate. Depending on the style, size and complexity of the tattoo you can expect prices ranging from a mere $50 right through to thousands. To that end, my suggestion would be that the more complex the tattoo the more you would want it done properly especially if you desire the ultimate and that is a tattoo 3d style. So, to ensure you get what you want you need to check out the tattooists work, and the cost of that work through to completion before you even start.

1. Tattoo Artists Ability

Check the tattooists work before you agree. Ask to see examples or, better still, ask someone whose tattoo you admire as to where if was done and who did the work.

Remember that there could be several tattooists working out of the same parlour.

2. Tattoo Location On The Body

The location on your body for that fabulous piece of art can also have a bearing on the finished cost of tattoos. Smooth skin areas are a lot easier to work on that bumps and curves. Remember also that curves and bumps lend themselves to better accentuation of artwork, especially when it comes to 3d tattoos.

3. Original Tattoo Or Display

If your tattoo is original or other than the parlour display tattoos it could well cost more. With original work the tattoo artist will need to draw up and prepare before completion. The artist most likely has had the expense of one or more tattoo training courses just to perfect his/her art for your sake so the costs are certainly justified.

4. Tattoo Complexity

The more involved and intricate the tattoo design is the more it will cost.

5. Color of Tattoo

The more colors involved in your tattoo the more it will cost and this is due to the extended time and patience of the tattoo artist to complete your work

6. Size Of Tattoo Design

Size does matter! The larger and more involved the tattoo is the longer it will take. Some tattoos take several sittings to complete because of the intricacy of the design.

Summary: It is important to check the artists work and the price before giving your trained tattooist the green light.

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