Tattoo 3D Style – The Body Is The New Canvas

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The evolution of art in the world of tattoo has given birth to some truly incredible work. In recent times this has manifested in the form of Tattoo 3D.

3D Tattoos allow the artist to showcase their finest work in a form that makes jaws drop.

I consider myself an art lover with quite eclectic tastes and although I admire well inked tattoos and the artist’s skill I am in awe of the beauty and depth that is created in a masterful tattoo 3d style.
The added dimension makes the work literally come alive blurring the boundaries between art and the real world. I liken it to the achievements of (Sir) Richard Taylor of Weta Workshops and his globally recognized achievements in 3D cinematography. From Lord of the Rings through to Avatar and beyond we are embracing new technology and art most assuredly will not be left behind.

Some purists do not yet identify with the growing trend in the form of tattoo 3d but like all things it only takes time for tattoo artwork of this caliber to become so firmly entrenched in the tattoo society that it will become the norm as opposed to the exception.

Existing tattoo artists are being called upon more and more to attempt the transitional work but, to me, it is of utmost importance that the individual should seek out and validate the artists work before enlisting and artist to create a work of art that will be hard to disguise if incorrectly inked.
It does not matter what theme or style you wish to have inked on your chosen body part. If you can see it in 3D in real life then a talented Tattoo Artist will be able to recreate your choice of artwork at a level that will make most people look and admire.

Tattoo 3D style is certainly gaining in global popularity and this new found love affair is not restricted to the world’s tattoo fraternity.
Perhaps the human body is the new canvas of artistic expression.

Keep in Touch with the Tattoo World – A Tattoo Magazine

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Tattoo has always been a controversial subject with some terming it as art and others calling it a health hazard. In the minds of the true tattoo fans there is no doubt about what it is and they are not really bothered about this debate. Whether you are a diehard tattoo fan or just someone interested in knowing more about the fascinating world of tattoos, your best bet is to subscribe to a Tattoo Magazine. The best place to find tattoo magazines is at Tattoo 3D. They have a varied selection of magazines which should cover the requirements of most tattoo fans. Let us take a brief look at what is available.

If you want to know what the experts in the field are doing, the ‘Tattoo’ magazine is right for you. Not only is it the most popular tattoo magazine, it displays the work of the top artists and close up view of the art. You will be able to appreciate and admire it up close.
Skin & Ink is the perfect tattoo magazine for those who are looking for detailed information on the latest developments in this field. You will get to see a lot of original designs in great detail with their historical facts.

In addition to the ones mentioned above, you have a choice of three more magazines, Rebel Ink, Urban Ink and Savage. These are filled with great articles on tattoo culture, information and pictures. Their content will appeal even to the true tattoo addict.

Whatever is your special field of interest in the world of tattoos, you are sure to find it among the tattoo magazines at Tattoo 3D. So if you are fascinated by this field, want to know more about its latest developments or are just looking for great designs, subscribe to the tattoo publications that suit you best.

written by: Cloud9

Check out the range of Tattoo Magazines HERE!

Tattoos – the reason for their popularity

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With the modern technologies storming almost all the fields around the globe, there is a rapid change in the manner the world looks at things. Talking about the tattoos, there has been drastic change in the social acceptability of the tattoos. The body arts were once considered inhumane acts and were associated with punishment. Tattoos are present in numerous variants and many of them are not known to many. In the later sections, some such tattoos like the hippie tattoos, sleeve tattoos and the cartoon tattoos are talked about.

The Japanese have contributed for the betterment around the globe in all possible fields. The tattoo culture that took birth in Japan has seen numerous designs born in Japan. The impact these designs have made in the western world talks about their intricate designs. The Japanese sleeve tattoo designs have been successful in creating a mark among the people following their antecedents, the Japanese chest tattoos and Japanese shoulder tattoos.

Now you can choose from the different types of the sleeve tattoos like full sleeve tattoos, half sleeve tattoos and the quarter sleeve tattoos. These tattoo ideas vary in the extent of the arm that is inked. Gober and Shichibu patterns of the sleeve tattoos are the main ones in vogue.

The Japanese population is mainly of Buddhist belief. Hence, the impact of Buddhism show up in the tattoo designs too. One example that evidences this fact is the Japanese koi fish tattoo. A symbol of peace and serenity in the Japanese religion, almost all the Buddhist temples have a pond in their vicinity for the koi fishes.

The best place for inking of these tattoos is the upper back and arms. The peace and serenity image associated with the koi fish is also accompanied by them being symbols of power and mental strength.

If you’re able to turn back the pages of history, the 1960′s time talks about the culture of the hippies that was very popular. The glory of the hippies and their peace loving nature are located in the designs that talk exclusively about the hippies. The designs that were used by the hippies are butterflies, doves, hearts and flowers.

These tattoos are normally done on the back, shoulders and underside of the wrist. These tattoos talk about the flamboyant nature of the hippies and their open mindedness. Though the hippie culture had many negative aspects to it, the positive message they provided with can be remembered with a hippie tattoo.

Many people consider childhood to be the best part of our lives. The sweet memories of childhood and the innocence it carried are well depicted by the cartoons that were very close to us during our younger days. But the thought that hinders one’s decision to get a cartoon tattoo on is the feeling that it is too childish and doesn’t suit an adult.

But the simplest way you can exhibit the love of life in you is by getting a cartoon tattoo on. The tattoos can handle reminding you of the times when the Donald duck or the Mickey Mouse were your heroes. The cartoon tattoos also include superhero tattoos and the fancy girl tattoos.

If you have been looking for designs that are unique and elegant simultaneously, then you have discovered them.


Use A Good Source Book To Find Your Next Tattoo

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So you’ve decided to get a tattoo. Well great, but where do you begin? You may want to first decide where you are going to get it done. Others want to know what they are going to have placed on their body for posterity. Both are good questions and if you are searching for ideas you would like to find one of the best book sources for tattoos you could.

A cross is a popular design with regards to tattoos. You may get many different designs from a book. In our research we found a really good source on Amazon named Cross Tattoos: Over 400 Cross Tattoo Designs, Pictures and Ideas of Celtic, Tribal, Christian, Irish and Gothic Crosses. It’s a long name but it is a big subject with thousands of designs.

For many across the world that will be a religious symbol, such as a cross. You have relationships come and go so think twice about your sweetheart’s name, but your religion is with you for life. Even if you’re a spiritual person a cross is very appealing and means faith of some sort.

There are lots of different crosses to pick from. Many are from different cultures. In finding the cross that works that best for what you would like to convey finding a source book is a good idea. This is correct whether you are the customer or the artist.

You can find a rich history in the Celtic designing of crosses throughout the centuries. Many have been commissioned privately and made their way to public viewing to on someone’s body in a tattoo. You can even research the history of the artwork. This makes a great conversation piece as someone is complimented on their art.

Look on places such as Amazon to find these resource tattoo books. Among the best is the aforementioned product as it gives you the most choices for top price. You will hardly find a better deal because of so many options.

Find out more about cross tattoos and tribal cross tattoos.


Get a Clear Idea For Your Tattoo

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Many people go out and get tattoos without first thinking clearly about what they are going to get. They will show up at a tattoo parlor and lie back after telling the artist what they want, and once the ink has been put on they often sit forward for a look and are appalled by what they see. The important lesson to take from the experiences of these people is that a tattoo is permanent and getting one that looks bad will haunt you for some time. You should be absolutely clear about what you want the tattoo to look like, as the risks of permanent disfigurement are high.

Before you even step inside a tattoo parlor you should either draw or print out a picture to represent what you want drawn on you. This leaves no room for misinterpretation, something which can happen all too easily, particularly if you ask for something a little more esoteric or intricate than usual. It also gives the artist himself something to work from – just as oils and canvas artists work from photographs a lot of the time.

Tattoos can cost a lot of money, and the more intricate ones can look either excellent or horrific. Avoiding being in the second group requires having a firm idea and communicating it clearly. The more examples you have at your disposal, the better. And if you want a tattoo that is all text, perhaps a quote from a song or a book, write it down and spell it clearly. Typos may be OK in an e-mail to a friend, but on your skin they are another matter.

Song Lyrics Tattoo Inspiration

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There is a definite love affair between Tattoos and Music. This fact is far from surprising as it is hard to imagine our world without the influence of music.

Music stirs the emotions and quickly changes the mood of people the world over. It seems only fitting that the source of so much pleasure and passion be embraced in the art of tattoo.
For those of us who really dig a tattoo 3D style, there are many examples available of music influenced 3D tattoos. In fact, if this is truly your calling then just type in music Tattoo 3D into your browser and go surfing.

From Britney Spears “If you seek Amy” with its lewd inflection to the immortal words of the John Lennon song “Imagine” with “Above us only sky” there are no end of possibilities for the design and makeup of that next tattoo. It may be the lyrics that grip us or the inspirational actions of the singer that determines our choice but either way music influenced tattoos are certainly some of the most popular of our time.

Tattoos even go classical with concertos inked into the skin. It would be a shame to run out of room but then it would give real meaning in the case of Franz Schubert’s “Unfinished Symphony”
There are no boundaries. If you can conceive it then you can surely realise it in the form of a music inspired tattoo.