The Differences Between Conventional and 3D Tattoos

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Those who are ready for new ink now have the option to choose either conventional or 3D tattoos. The latest technology in tattooing is being used to create some of the most amazing tattoos that have ever been seen. Before making the decision, you will certainly need to know what the differences are, as the two types can vary greatly.

Conventional tattoos are two dimensional, and make use of color and shading to give the effect of having dimension. Though the conventional variety can be quite detailed, they simply cannot match the same effect of tattoo 3D. The 3D effect is produced through shading, as well as the use of a new technique in which a safe sugar substance is injected into the skin in order to raise certain areas. This is done strategically, and is applied to the tattoo areas that need to “pop” in order to make the tattoo itself appear three dimensional.

It may be possible to have your conventional tattoos transformed into 3D tattoos, depending on the tattoo itself, and its placement on the body. Additional shading for dimension, along with injections, may transform you plain tattoo into something spectacular. Those who have any raised scarring that they wish to cover are perfect candidates for the 3D effect, as the scar itself can be used as a vehicle to create the raised effect.

The decision between these two should be based on your personal preferences. However, if you wish your tattoo design to leap out at the viewer, 3D tattoos are the best choice. As with many things, tattoo art has continued to evolve over time. The tattoo 3D process has now been perfected, and is considered to be completely safe. Those who appreciate the art of ink now have the ability to select designs that are high tech, and a source of great pride.

Why not a Tattoo 3D Style

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Have you ever considered how outrageously awesome a 3D Tattoo would be. I went surfing the net for examples and all I can say is WOW! Tattoos in 3D are beyond belief. Some Tatooists really know their art. That is certainly not to say that conventional tattooists are any different. An artist is an artist and there are some amazing and talented people plying their trade in the industry.

Of course, the realism of a tattoo 3d style is not for everone. Similarly, the love for conventional 2 dimensional art far outstrips the desire to own 3D styles. Is it because of time? Well, I guess we will know in a few hundred years.

Either way, 3D Tattoo designs are here to stay and quickly gaining favor with those of us who want our body to be an admired masterpiece.

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