3D Tattoos – The New Trend In Tats

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Tattoos have gained mainstream acceptance in the last 10 years on a scale that few could have imagined a few decades back. With this acceptance has come an explosion of new artists and techniques. The latest move in the ink revolution is 3D tattooing. Put simply, it will blow your mind with its beauty and depth.

Tattoos 3D Style

When you think of tattoos, 3D is pretty much the last thing that comes to mind. Don’t get me wrong. There are some brilliant artists out there who can create tattoos by creating a synchronicity between the design and the contours of the body area to be covered. Combined with shading and subtle shadows, a quality artist can really make a tattoo come alive. As great as this is, however, it is not what we are talking about with a tattoo 3D style.

A tattoo 3D emphasized is like watching a movie in 3D

The tattoo just seems to stand up and pop off of the skin. If you have never seen one, an example from another artistic medium can help understand what these tats look like. Avatar was obviously a hugely successful and interesting movie. Perhaps more amazing was it finally took what had always been iffy, 3D technology, and brought it into the modern age. The characters and landscape in the movie just popped out of the screen. They looked, well, real. This is exactly what you get with 3D tats. The tat seems to have depth with some parts receding into the skin while others appear to pop out. The image of a body half in and half out of the skin really looks like a body half in and half out. It is amazing.

Pure Art

There are artist and then there are great artists. In the 1980s and 1990s, there were a select few tattoo artists who were so good that they actually turned around people’s lives. How so? They would help people who had major scars or burns feel more comfortable in public by creating tattoos that not only covered the effected area, but incorporated it into the tattoos to make the most amazing images possible. A burn with ridged scaring became a rose whose petals appeared to stick out of the skin because their edges were inked over the scar ridges. These tats supplied a solution for people who had damaged skin, but couldn’t afford plastic surgery. Arguably, they were the first 3D tattoo artist in the world.

Modern Approach To Tattoos

The good news is you don’t need damaged skin to get a tattoo 3D style these days. No, but you will need a slight body modification. The tattoo artist you work with will create slight rises and ridges in your skin by injecting a sugar solution under the skin. This will raise the skin just slightly, but enough to make your tat pop out of the skin like an image in Avatar. A flat rose becomes one that appears to be in bloom. A personal favorite is one gentleman who appears to have torn skin on his chest with a Spiderman suit underneath. The tattoo is done so well that it looks like the suit is clearly under the skin and ready to pop out.

Strongly Consider 3D Tattoos

If you are considering getting inked or adding to your current collection, I strongly encourage you to look into 3D tattoo styles. When combined with top notch art work, these tattoos are the match of any art in the world in their detail, realism and beauty. My next bit of ink is definitely going to be in the 3D style.

Absolutely amazing.

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