3D Tattoos – Taking Ink To The Next Level

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Tattooing has grown massively in popularity during the last twenty years. If you’ve ever considered getting inked or upgrading what you already have, then you absolutely must check out 3D tattoos.

3D Tattoo – Is It Art?

Is a tattoo art? This question makes a tattoo artist roll their eyes, but some still consider it a legitimate question. As someone with a big shoulder tat, I can tell you that it definitely is because it requires a talented, creative person to draw the tattoo while keeping in mind the contours of the body part it will go on. If you still have doubts, however, I suggest you take a look at 3D tattoos. Not only are they clearly art, but they are some of the most stunning art you will ever see.

3D Tattoos – What Are They?

What are 3D tattoos?  As the name suggests, they are tats that appear to be three dimensional. Think of the movie Avatar. Whereas most movies are two dimensional, you were transported to an entirely different point of reference when you popped those 3D glasses on. Characters and the terrain just popped out off the screen.

The same effect occurs with 3D tats. The design appears to pop out of the skin. One classic design that many have seen online is the reversed Spider Man image. The tattoo is on the front of a gentleman’s chest. The skin of his chest appears to be torn and under it is the Spider Man suit. It may sound a bit gory, but it is a striking bit of artistic work. There is a depth that makes the skin appear to truly be layered over the suit.

There are a couple of different ways to get a 3D tattoo. The really talented artists can give a two dimensional tat a bit of 3D effect through shading and optimizing the design for the features of the body part it is on. People who have suffered bad scarring from, for example, burns often will get a tattoo over the scarred area that uses the ridges and bumps in the scarring to enhance the tattoo. I knew a young lady who had a rose done over a bad burn. The artist placed the petals over the ridges of the scars. It was the most amazing, beautiful thing I have ever scene. She actually was reduced to tears of happiness because she felt she could wear a bikini again without being embarrassed.

New Techniques In Tattoo

However, a new technique is being used for the more striking tats these days. The process involves strategically injecting a sugar substance under certain parts of the tat to raise them and emphasize the texture much like with the scarring I mentioned above. The change is slight, but makes a huge difference in the depth and appearance of the tattoo.

If you are considering getting a tattoo, I would really encourage you to take the time to look into 3D designs. The work you will see is simply amazing and utterly beautiful.


11 Responses to “3D Tattoos – Taking Ink To The Next Level”
  1. Mary says:

    I have been considering getting a detailed collage of a tattoo on my shoulder and perhaps in the surrounding areas. In fact, I have been planning and composing the tattoo in Photoshop. That way, I can ensure I get exactly what I want and make it that much easier on the tattoo artist. The concept of a 3D tattoos seems very intriguing. The only thing that bothers me is the idea of injecting a foreign substance under my skiin, but then again, that is exactly what I’d be doing with the ink. So maybe it’s just my fear of accepting a new procedure that bothers me. I guess I will need to learn more about this substance that creates skin texture. How long does it last? What’s it made of? These are just some of the things that cross my mind.

  2. John says:

    My son has been very intrigued with tattoos lately and he has been asking me what I would think if he was to get one. I have told him that it is up to him but that he really needs to consider where he is going to put it and what it will look like when he turns sixty and his skin changes texture and elasticity. Do they guys that do this 3-D tattooing consider that and counsel people before doing the tattoo? I would think that doing a 3-D one it wouldn’t matter as much because if the texture of the skin changes it could add to the look of the tattoo like the girl with the scar, so it could possibly even improve the way it would look. I haven’t shown him this blog yet but I am going to so that he will consider this before just getting a regular one. Thank you so much for the information, I know my son will appreciate it as well. You have done a great job putting this together and I hope that you will post again with more pictures of some of these tattoos you were describing.

  3. Jonathon says:

    I enjoyed the video and watching the preparation it takes to begin applying a tattoo on the skin. I only wish the video had continued or that there was another video to show the process of drawing with a tattoo machine. I have never witnessed the application of a tattoo in its entirety. I have only seen the montages or short segments of the process while watching LA Ink or other tattoo parlor reality shows. Obviously, I have never gotten a tattoo. Well, at least not at a parlor. When I was fourteen years of age, I used Indian ink and a sterile needle to draw a cross in line art on my shoulder. For years, I have intended to cover it with art, but still have not gotten around to it. Maybe I will try a 3D tattoo.

  4. Alfred says:

    I think that 3D tattooing would be a fine art not something that just anyone can do. My son took air brush in school and he could paint some really cool stuff and make it look 3D. But how do you tattoo with all of that shading etc. going on because you can’t just do It like you are tattooing the normal 2D way. My opinion is that 3D tattoo’s are definitely an art form and not everybody would be able to do it and make it look real. I think that anyone that get s tattoo of anyones name on them or a specific team should re-think what they really want. And before getting one please take note that these will not look the same in a couple of years and make sure it is something that will look good even at they time.

  5. Eduardo says:

    I would be willing to wadger that 3D tattoos become the next rage. As of now, only those tattoo professionals and readers like us who are in the know, are aware of 3D tattoos, which I suspect are still relatively unknown. It will only be a matter of time before some news reporter gets a hold of this blog or some other resource and does a television news report about this new method of body art. For some strange reason, I feel proud to be in the know about a cutting edge form of art, which I know is going to explode in popularity soon enough. I guess as an artist / photographer, I always pride myself for being on the cutting edge of pop culture and fashion trends.

  6. Catalina says:

    I have never liked Tattoos and I have never wanted one but I will admit the 3D Tattoos are very pretty and they do stand out above the rest. I had to look up the spider man one that you referred to so that I could see it and it was great. To me that is art it just isn’t on a canvas.

  7. Marcus says:

    I am not a Tattoo advocate but I have to say these are very pretty and they look so real. If I was going to get one it would be 3D that is a no brainer. My son has been interested in getting one though I will have to show him this blog maybe it will at least change his mind as to the kind he gets.

  8. Chiquita says:

    This new 3D tattoo technology seems cool and all, but I just hope people don’t go over board with it and try to get an entire 3D arm sleeve or cover their entire torso in 3D tattoos, thinking that it would be cool to texturize your entire body. I can just imagine it now, some dude will think it would be cool to put 3D spiderman webbing all over his chest and neck. I am not sure how new this technology is, but I hope we don’t learn in the future that it is unhealthy to inject this sugary substance into your skin.

  9. Helen says:

    I don’t care what people think of tattoo’s I think that they are very artistic or that they can be if done right and this to me is doing them right. If you are going to do something permanent on your skin you should make sure it is the best quality it can be. And in my opinion the 3D tattoos are the highest in quality and they will most likely last the longest before fading. Great job, beautiful art.

  10. Brian says:

    Ok I have to admit there are some very pretty 3-D tattoo’s out there but there are some very creepy ones as well. When I was researching this I saw a lot of spider tattoos that looked real and I would be trying to kill them. Some of them were even kind of gross like the ones where you can see muscle and organs inside them. But the imagination it takes to do these is out standing, great job getting this out there.

  11. Melvin says:

    I was reading your blog and trying to decide what I thought about these 3D tattoo when you didn’t show any pictures of them on your blog. So being resourceful I went and did a search for 3D Tattoos and I have to say my opinion has changed considerable. These are true art and they are beautiful. You have done a great job presenting your argument, lets see what they say about these now.