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Tattoo has always been a controversial subject with some terming it as art and others calling it a health hazard. In the minds of the true tattoo fans there is no doubt about what it is and they are not really bothered about this debate. Whether you are a diehard tattoo fan or just someone interested in knowing more about the fascinating world of tattoos, your best bet is to subscribe to a Tattoo Magazine. The best place to find tattoo magazines is at Tattoo 3D. They have a varied selection of magazines which should cover the requirements of most tattoo fans. Let us take a brief look at what is available.

If you want to know what the experts in the field are doing, the ‘Tattoo’ magazine is right for you. Not only is it the most popular tattoo magazine, it displays the work of the top artists and close up view of the art. You will be able to appreciate and admire it up close.
Skin & Ink is the perfect tattoo magazine for those who are looking for detailed information on the latest developments in this field. You will get to see a lot of original designs in great detail with their historical facts.

In addition to the ones mentioned above, you have a choice of three more magazines, Rebel Ink, Urban Ink and Savage. These are filled with great articles on tattoo culture, information and pictures. Their content will appeal even to the true tattoo addict.

Whatever is your special field of interest in the world of tattoos, you are sure to find it among the tattoo magazines at Tattoo 3D. So if you are fascinated by this field, want to know more about its latest developments or are just looking for great designs, subscribe to the tattoo publications that suit you best.

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Japanese Tattoos With The Japanese Dragon

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Japanese tattoos are called irezumi. This is an all-encompassing term for all tattoo and body modification methods but is used in the Western sense of being the traditional art of Japan. In this art form, the main attraction is the dragon tattoo. Japanese dragons are one of the most common motifs due to its intricacy and extremely psychedelic appeal.

Rooted in History

There are actually multiple variations to the dragon in Japan: the indigenous Tatsu and the foreign varieties. The tatsu are actually more animistic than physical, being manifestations of what a river or a body of water is and the spirits that live in them. The most famous, however, is the personification of lightning, Orochi. He is an eight headed and eight tailed dragon who was killed to gain the most important element of the Imperial Regalia of Japan, the Kusanagi.

The ryu is the most familiar one. It is akin to the Chinese dragon, only differing in the fact that the feet of the dragon only have three fingers as opposed to five. This is due to the fact that the dragon’s feet tells of it’s nationality. According to Japan’s tradition, Japan, where dragons originated, makes 3 fingers, Korea makes 4 fingers and China makes 5 fingers. When you go further the dragons get too many fingers to survive. The Chinese believe in the reverse, stating that they lose fingers until they have no more. The doragon, on the other hand, is the Western incarnation.

The Present

Japanese dragons are differentiated by the fact that they symbolize the subtlety and flow of water instead of fire. This is the main difference between them and the other Asian dragons. This is evident in their intricate scales, and the colors of black, blue and white, all related to water. In fact, they believe that all the sea is ruled by four dragons, which reside in the four cardinal directions.

These dragons also symbolize power. Being one of the Four Celestial Gods, the dragon is a powerful symbol carried in battle. It is said that the dragon emblem is capable of rousing courage. They are also sometimes symbols of agriculture and fertility. Most often, however, they represent the torrential powers of water, placid and calm at first sight but really brutal and savage when angered.

A Shared Heritage

Japanese tattoos done the traditional way are called irezumi. This involves the use of bamboo flints to pierce the skin and apply the color. While the results are astounding and excellent, this takes a long time to complete, sometimes years for a small area. Thus, most have already adapted the Western practice of using machines. However, the designs are still completely Japan in flavor and motif.

Learn all there is to know about Japanese tattoos specifically the Japanese Dragon Motif in our overview of the best Japanese tattoo designs


Truly Critical Knowledge On Tattoo Removal

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Parents having teenage kids most frequently face particular distinctive problems. Let us take tattoo, for example. Your daughter might wish to get a truly cool tattoo on her leg. Then within days she will get bored of it and wish to take it off. Then it becomes your problem to assist her eliminate that tattoo.

For a long time, individuals thought that tattoo removal is hard and impossible. Then certain businesses began advertising about laser tattoo removal. With high hope, people went to these centres and tried to eliminate their tattoos in vain. Often these laser removal processes had been either ineffective or very expensive. Individuals paid hundreds of dollars only to find that the so called experts are incompetent.

As an answer to all of the prayers, we have a business that specialises in laser tattoo removal. Our team of dedicated and hard working experts are trained to help you out in removing your tattoos without residues.

Laser tattoo removal becomes successful only when we use specialised laser technology. To be able to serve our clients much better, we have brought in an costly and efficient laser technology equipment. Hoya Conbio C6 lasers are the most advanced laser technology equipment which are specially created to treat tattoos.

Although this is costly, we’re determined to offer the very best service to our customers. We want them never to worry about having issues with tattoo removal. The important aspect of this treatment is that it saves money.

Most of the leading laser tattoo removal centres provide a long treatment procedure which requires atleast 15 or more sessions. But with the advanced laser technology, we’re able to provide total removal in just 6 remedies. This is much less time consuming and saves a great deal of money.

Some of our customers have colourful tattoos that were regarded as to be hard to remove. The great new is our specialists have helped lot of clients eliminate their colourful tattoos.

We have been in this field for a long time serving customers on the United Kingdom. To be able to serve you much better we have five locations. Our clinics are in Docklands, Farnham, Buckhurst Hill, Canterbury and Chiswick. At all these locations we have specialists who are highly efficient and experienced in tattoo removal. With our specialised laser technology, your tattoos may be removed in a fairly simple way.

Our web site provides comprehensive info about our services. Once you look at the details you’ll get a clear idea about the work we do. In our website you’ll also know about our rates and special offers. Based on your requirement you can contact us at any of the locations. We would be happy to assist you in tattoo removal.

Tattoo removal is really a process that needs concentration and efficiency. Our team of specialists are waiting to serve you. Your satisfaction is our priority. With utmost dedication and expertise, we would eliminate your tattoo using our advanced laser technology.

Forget your worries and leave your tattoos to us. We’re there to help!

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Great Tips For Those Who Want To Get A Tattoo Removed

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Most of us who decided to get a tattoo when we were younger will be sorry we made this decision before we even reach middle age. A lot of us will go out of our ways to hide these tattoos because we are so embarrassed about other people seeing them. And because we are so focused on hiding the tattoo, we may avoid things that we like such as swimming or sunbathing. Things can get so bad that we become desperate to have them removed. Below are a few tips on how you can get your tattoos removed.

- If you have had an amateur tattoo on your skin then you might find that it is easier to get this removed than if your tattoo was done by a professional. The fact that the person giving you the tattoo did not do a professional job might just be something you are glad about in this case.

- In most cases it will be easier to get rid of a tattoo the older it is. This is especially true for people choosing to get rid of a tattoo with laser removal.

- If you have a large tattoo then it may take a few sessions of laser treatment to have it removed. You may find laser treatment a bit uncomfortable but they will not be as sore as getting the tattoo was originally.

- The number of people using surgical methods to get their tattoos removed has reduced over the last few years thanks to the improvements in laser removal treatments. The best thing about this is that there is less chance of a scar being left with laser treatment.

- Tattoo removal treatments can be expensive so you might want to consider things carefully before choosing this option. Before you pay for something like this, you need to make sure that the end results will be as you expected. There are many people who will feel disappointed once the tattoo has been removed.

- When it comes to laser treatment it works better on particular colours. You may find it harder to have tattoos removed this way if they have purple or fluorescent dyes in them.

For the very best in Botox treatment, the clinics run by Dr Michael Sheill are worthy of your consideration.


The King of All Tattoos The Full Back Tattoo

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The king (or queen) of tattoos is the full back tattoo. Full back tattoos are often the final, most grand, step for a tattoo collector, after he or she has had smaller tattoos done on other parts of the body.

However, there are those who go out of the usual norm and do a full back tattoo as their first instead. Full back tattoos are usually done around the whole area of your back, from shoulder to shoulder, neck down to the waist. Finished products always come out impressive, when they are done well.

Getting a full back tattoo is a long and tedious process. This will require a whole lot of planning. The designing of the tattoo will require you to meet up with your artist at least once before proceeding on with the work.

Putting the design into ink and on to your skin is an even more lengthy process. This will start out with the outlining, then comes the shading, the coloring and the final touches. All of these will never come in a single session. It can take days before a project is completed.

If you’re thinking of getting your whole back tattooed, you’ll want to consider the following before you get started

1. Prepare for the cost. Tattoos are naturally costly, even the small ones. So get some cash ready for a full back work. But beware, never settle for the first cheap offer that you find on the streets. Consider the quality of the work as well. But it is possible to get good deals in your area. It’s just a matter of finding where these people are and availing your services from them.

2. Tattoos are painful. No pain no gain, so if you want that living work of art on your back, work for it. Get ready for the pain during the inking session.

3. Take time to think about the design. Tattoos are permanent marks on your body so make sure that you have a good design. Work together with the artist, get tips and add in your insights as well. You can have one large image done or have a complex collage of different ideas that your artist can compile into one single work of art.

4. Make sure you like and are comfortable with your tattoo artist. You’re going to be spending a lot of time with him or her and you are going to have to trust this person.

5. Allot time for healing. After the tattoo session, the pain does not stop there. So schedule out a time where you can simply rest and recuperate from the entire tattooing process.

With the right design and the right hand, a full back tattoo can become something that you can brag about to family and friends.

If you’re a tattoo lover and you are looking for a way to fully express your creativity and imagination, or maybe to express your love of life, or to pay tribute to an important element of your life, a full back tattoo could be your answer. Full back tattoos are the ultimate way for a tattoo collector to turn life into art.

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Tattoo Designs – How To Choose the Best Tattoo Designs

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Today it is quite a normal sight to observe someone with a tattoo. This is probably the most popular they have ever been in history. About twenty five percent of the population has at leas one tattoo according to recent studies. There are many creations to choose from, giving individuals a chance to be creative. In this written article we will have a look at just a few of the most fashionable creations being applied at the moment.

Probably the biggest category of creations are the tibal tattoos. They have been about for hundreds and hundreds of years and they are always evolving and getting increasingly complex with their creations and styles. Although some are quite colorful and cover big areas of the body, the majority are just drawn in black, positioned on the arms or legs. The colorful, more modern look is getting increasingly fashionable when compared to other types.

The ‘old school’ types of tattoos are also popular. You in addition do not have to be a mariner to enjoy the ‘anchor style which has made a return. Both of these types of tattoo were incredibly common, way back in the 1960′s. They are rapidly getting their interest back, as females and males are getting anchors and Swallow designs tattooed on them more and more.

Lower spine tattoos are the most common for women. This is believed an ideal place for the tattoo as this area is very sensual and appealing on women. While images of dragons, flowers plus other designs are fashionable, it is the tribal designs which are most frequently requested. Because of the number of curved areas in this region, it can help with the creativeness of the tattoo. Frequently, women are inclined to include tribal that spreads, covering the base of their hips as well.

Dragon designs are another popular variety of tattoos. They were popular in the past, and are now beginning to get their interest back. There are a lot of different dragons to select from, including the mythical dragon and early Chinese dragon. Dragons are great on the chest for males and the back for females. Many men have these towards one side of their chest, overflowing onto their arm although they don’t have to be large to supply an effect.

Celtic tattoos are likewise popular as well. They are mostly seen with those who have a Celtic ancestry, although some people with no Celtic heritage have them too. These tattoos are based more around symbolic representations and shapes that have ancient meanings. It is not uncommon for a tribal style to be mixed with a Celtic rendering something quite unique.

There are several other kinds of tattoos out there, although the above are the most commonplace. Just what you want from your tattoo or are attempting to say is entirely up to you. If you are looking to stand out and be truly creative – you can invariably have a professional tattoo artist image one for you.

For lots more information on tattoo design and to learn more about tattoo’s visit our blog.

Selecting The Right Tattoo Layout

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Truly there may be nothing more private that your tattoo. Not solely does it signify you and the place you are in a particular time in your life, but additionally it is something that might be with you for a lifetime. The selection of the fitting tattoo is to not be taken calmly and the design you choose ought to reflect what is actually distinctive about you.

When deciding on a tattoo, it’s best to spend time fascinated with the place it is going to be and what it is going to look like. Avoid walking right into a tattoo parlor and choosing the first image out of their portfolio. As an alternative, spend some time researching the unique elements of various tattoos and provide you with a design that is fully unique to you.

Common Designs

Unusually enough, the commonest types of tattoo are celctic crosses, Koi and Japanese Kabuki, skulls and various kinds of angels or demons for men. For ladies, fairy tattoos, roses and tattoos that hyperlink to household are way more popular. Across each genders names, phrases and words are all common. However, women are inclined to get more poems and lyrics affixed to their bodies than men. In case you are considering a tat that falls inside this checklist, attempt to discover an artist that may make your design distinctive and fully differentiated from all people else.

Choosing a Tattoo Artist

Your choice of artist is almost as essential as your selection of layout and design. You could have chosen essentially the most stunning art work on the planet, however with out the suitable artist, you could be cursed wearing a lifetime of junk. Certainly there are numerous unhealthy artists out there and very few which might be gifted with an artists eye and the power to create surprise with their chosen medium.

When choosing a tattoo artist, absolutely interview them. Discover out the place they discovered the commerce and the way skilled they are. Look at the extent of hygene within the parlor and completely go through their portfolio book. Verify that they are the artist for each image that you’re offered with.

As you select your artist, discover an individual that has experience within the specific sort of design that you just wish to get. All tattoo artists have a specific area where the excel and it’s at all times higher to seek out an artist whose talents match the type of work that you want done. For instance, in case your artist loves to work in black and white, they will not be the best choice for colour work. In the event that they excel in portraits, maybe script and fairies will not be the very best choice.

General, it is all the time better to decide on an artist whose ability and expertise match the design that you need to get. In spite of everything, the artist is simply with you a couple of hours. However, you’ll need to live with their work for a lifetime.

For a unique body art visit With thousands of different tattoo designs to choose from and artwork from artist all over the world to meet your specific needs.

Sexy Arm Tattoo For Females

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Hand body art are becoming a craze among the young and old tattoo design fans. Using a semi-hidden placement place is one of the main reasons why many adults are going for wrist tattoo designs. Among the many interested parties these days are women because contemporary tats possess beautiful and colorful patterns that fit ones own gender and individuality.

One of the ideal models for ladies is arm tattoo for ladies. This design is fantastic for somebody that is getting a tattoo the very first time. It always takes less time to create and recuperate because of its tiny sizing. There is pain, however any lady can simply stand it as it is quicker to finish.

Wrist body art patterns are probably the faves of the more youthful generation of women. Typically, the majority of the designs are less complicated compared to other tattoo designs because of more compact placement area. Searching with regard to some thing attractive or colorful and a little intricate arm skin icon for women. By browsing the internet, you can find numerous sexy types for arm tattoo design for girls that can match your persona.

A few sexy stylisme for arm tattoo for females:

Wordings, languages or text messages – Using international letterings, including Latin, Japanese, Oriental, Arabic and Greek, for a variety of styles is typical for tattoo designs. Most of these also are ideal for 1 to 3-word hand tats. You can use English text such as short quotations, names, quick love announcements as well as words with significance on your wrist tattoo.

Tribe styles – Many people think that tribe patterns are simply identified to symbols, but tribal flowers, butterflies and animals are also available for this kind of tattoo design. With regard to hand tattoo for ladies, a small tribe style is appropriate and can end up being sexy at the same time. If you wish to have a symbolic tribal skin icon, the options tend to be limitless, just make sure that you simply think about appropriate dimensions because the placement region is smaller.

Colorful flowers and butterflies, stars, kisses, and other feminine icons – Many gals choose pretty things to help them improve their elegance. Any tattoo on the wrist might be beautiful and sexy at the same time. It will rely upon exactly what your artist will design for you, so it will be crucial that you know his/her art and trustworthiness just before you obtain a tattoo.

There is absolutely no right or even incorrect layout whenever that comes to tats. Discovering the right one that you can place on your body is important. You may make use of wrist tattoos for girls since extension of your personality, therefore search for sexy designs that may make your character stand out.

Writer Louise Servage has often looked at tattoo design for females and pondered if perhaps there has been a effortless as well as much less agonizing way in order to get a tattoo and of coarse right now there is a brand-new trend item called the tattoo sleeve it simply slides off and on the arm when needed.

All about Tattoo

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It is disagreed by many people that tattoo is a form of art.There are also those who would say that graffiti is not art as well. There are many that will disagree with this because just because it’s not put on paper it doesn’t mean that it is not art. There are many forms of art in the world and all it appreciated buy different types of people. All forms of art are a form of expression and that is a human right for all.

For some having a tattoo is more than just a trend. They take this form of art very seriously and they see it differently to others. There are many people that have a unique perspective on a tattoo as they say it is bodily art. There are also many others that feel that they need to follow a trend. Some people just like a tattoo design and would like it on their body. These are people that just want a tattoo just for the sake of having one. There are many others that see is as a form of art and beauty and feel that it is a part of them.

If you have a tattoo or many tattoos on a visible part of your body it seems that majority of society will look down on you. These are people that do not feel the same about a tattoo as some who have them do.

The tattoo would be ugly when the skin gets older.This will result in the tattoo looking very ugly. With age it does not look as good as it does in your youth. There are many that feel ashamed of their tattoos in the end and feel that they where dumb in their youth. This can be the bad side of having the body art done. No body should have body art done if they are doing it for the wrong reasons. The people who love body art love it even in their old age.

Sometimes tattoo becomes to be a rebellious act against their parents for some teens.It is a phase that many seem to go through. There are many people that get their body art removed after a couple of years. This laser treatment is very expensive and a lot more expensive than the body art.

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